Projects Review 2012-13 – Intermediate 1 Installation

For our Projects Review exhibit this year the unit chose to focus on an installation, challenging the ordinary architectural exhibit that normally focuses on maximum exposure. We decided to tailor our space to become a kind of snapshot of all our projects, a room composed of symbolic objects. In one way this is a reflection of the unit’s interests in the architectural residues within the United States, and borrows from some of the photographic references that capture this. On one side of the space we have built a wall of door behind which are a selection of unit drawing, visible through eye-holes. The rest of the room is set up with the various objects, anchored by the tell-tale armchair and television – the core of any iconographic American home. Among the objects are: a hoover, a plant, prison bars, a miner’s lamp, nostalgic postcards, a portrait of Jesus, and a stack of receipts. The other half of the room is anchored by an American flag constructed using plywood and timber panels in the manner of common clap-boarding on an old Detroit house; the burnt effect was achieved using a blow torch.