Exhausting a London Transportation Route #1: Lea River

An initial venture into the city borrowing from the unit references the idea of constraints and rules set to organize a particular experience. Psychogeographers, whether from London in the 18th century or Paris in the mid 20th, would aim to subvert a conditioned perspective on movement and the city by inventing games – often just simple rules – that could relieve the walker of choice and therefore any preconceptions. Each student of the unit was asked to walk a straight line between two points on any public transportation route, stopping when interrupted by a building to document the surrounding ‘everyday’ texture of the city. I chose to follow the Lea River, not exactly in line with the prescribed task. I altered my rules to stop at every crossing road and document the surrounding. There were not so many people, but a very noticeable transition in the city – ranging from formerly industrial areas, to the Olympic Park, to new high rise flats, modest brick houses with matching satellites, and a marshland.