The Curated Bookshelf at the AA

Installation for our research project. A student curated bookshelf in the AA library based on alternating themes of academic initiatives. This year we display a map of our route along with a collection of books to help in the research.

The Contemporary Silk Road

Image Image Image

Last Saturday we managed to install our mini insertion to our Curated Bookshelf of The Contemporary Silk Road.

On the side of the research books that we ordered through the library, now our itinerary map and major destinations are etched on the perspex book holder so anyone interested in the project can look into it!


The Curated Bookshelf is a new initiative hosted by the AA Library. Every month, a student curator will propose a theme which establishes a connection between a particular discourse and contemporary space. Each theme is supported by an abstract and bibliography whose books will be made available on the shelf.

AA library is open Monday to Friday 10:00–21:00 and Saturday 11:00–17:00 not only to the students but also to the members and subscribing members of the Architectural Association.

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