Projects Review 2013-14 – Intermediate 5 Installation

Social opacity in the city [rule 7] Of london, everyday institution challenged // Reusing lost rivers, questions living [rule 4+5] Stagnant material and traditional patterns, [rule 4+5] Or architecture exposed by flow [rule 6+7]

– Constrained projects review text from The Appropriation of Bazalgette’s Legacy by Jonathan Cheng

This year the overall design of the AA Projects Review exhibit emphasized an “off the wall” attitude to the display of architectural work. For Intermediate 5 we were more than happy to take up this idea. Being a new unit this year we were very interested in taking the opportunity to display our work under conditions that aim to challenge the display of architectural work.

Three modes of working were used as guides to the Intermediate 5 exhibit. The first being the idea of constraint, for which we each submitted a project text, formed according to a series of rules (as shown at the beginning of the article). The second was the wall collage, a composition of documents and photos transported directly from our studio. Lastly are our individual projects, made available for viewers to interact with. Each person was given a grid in which sixteen cubes show four drawings. The idea of layers and grids is also expanded in the two suspended frames that held our project icons and another layer of drawings.